The best nutrition & health coaching course on the web - Precision Nutrition Certificate

It's been a long time since I posted! Life is good and I'm doing very well. Lots of stuff has happened since my last post. I have published my second book, which is called Hormonitasapaino (= hormone balance in English). Too bad the book is only in Finnish at the moment. I hope my publisher will agree it should be translated to English. It's a 320 page monster that really covers hormone balance 101 and then some.

While we wait on that, I wanted to begin blogging on this blog again. I've been missing writing in English. I just visited the USA again and my "American brain" (the part that loves the US and feels home on that side of the Atlantic ocean) begun bringing up ideas on writing about my studies and adventures in the health world again.

This time I traveled to Florida for the first time. The aim of my trip was to participate in Institute for Functional Medicine's Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module. I will write more about it later. I'm pretty sure my readers will enjoy learning more, as it seems this blog still gets loads of hits from people trying to find information on good ways to educate themselves on health & fitness.

One of the most amazing courses that I've taken these past years has been Precision Nutrition Certification, which was completely re-done a while ago. All of our coaches (I have seven of them in my team already, plus me) have completed or are currently studying in the Precision Nutrition Certification program. It's a combination of hard core nutrition science and coaching education. I haven't bumped into anything like this before.

If you're not familiar with PN's ideology, check out this five day FREE course. Dr. Berardi, who is the main man behind PN, is a renowned researcher and pioneer in the field of exercise nutrition.

In the five day course, you'll learn:
 - How to include nutrition in an exercise, coaching or therapeutic environment
 - How to quickly and accurately assess the nutritional needs of any person
 - How to devise a nutrition plan based on that assessment
 - What stats to measure and how exactly to measure them
 - How to optimize a nutrition plan based on those stats Again, the course is entirely free. It's now available.

You can access the free course here (that way you'll also find out more about the certification program).

If you're not a fitness professional and it's not your goal either, you might want to check out the FREE five day fat loss course for women or the FREE the five day fat loss course for men.

I love PN's ideology and use it when writing books, coaching clients and lecturing in companies or doing public lectures. I truly hope more people would learn how easy and simple it is to feel and perform better!