In Halmstad again

The Journey continues! I had a very busy week in Finland after my trip to the US. Over the course of four days I met 50 Biosignature clients in two different towns, designed a couple of training programs, did a lecture about Biosignature in one of Finland's biggest gyms and had numerous teaching sessions with my new Biosignature girls who just had their first clients last week. They're learning fast. And the reason for that is that these girls have a hunger for learning and they're very enthusiastic about it. Those things can't be taught!

I'm glad I got to spend time with my dear husband Joni (who's taking my travelling very well... and I'm very grateful for that) and met a couple of friends. I had a little bit of downtime that I was longing for: put woolly socks on, crawled into comfy pajamas and read while sipping a cup of hot tea. I also squeezed in three sessions with weights. I'm getting stronger again - every workout - which is great!

Hmm. The past week was a good lesson to me that it is possible to work long hours AND be relaxed. I can honestly say I can't remember when I've felt this balanced in my mind. It's very surprising since I've been more busy than in a long time. Maybe all the detoxing I've been doing and slowly healing my adrenals with nutritional support is finally beginning to show its effects? I'm not sure, but I'm happy about this change. I still have some ugly issues to solve that affect not only my body but also my mind (I'm suspecting food intolerances due to what's going on with my gut), but I'm getting there. "It's always darkest before the dawn" as my Lithuanian colleague told me.

So, right now I'm in Halmstad, studying more of Poliquin's wisdom in Eleiko Center - this is home of STRENGTH as Eleiko equipment is manufactured here. I flew here from Helsinki, landing in Copenhagen and then took a train to Halmstad. It's actually very easy but ironically takes me almost as many hours as flying to New York. I'll try to gather a post about this soon as I know there are many people who wonder what's the easiest way to get to Halmstad.

This is a beautiful time of the year here: trees are colorful with foliage, the sun is still shining but I can really feel that the first days of winter are close. My mom sent me a text message from northern Finland - they got their first snow already! I have a feeling that this is going to be the best winter in years. It will be a winter when I heal myself and get in a better shape than I've ever been. I'm planning on writing a lot and taking more time just for myself.

I'll post a review of the course I'm taking right now later today: it's Olympic Lifting with Charles Poliquin and four time Olympian hammer thrower Jud Logan. We have a group of 17 guys and me. Tomorrow will be the first day of another Biosignature CE; looking forward to learning more about detox, nutrition and muscle testing!


Roxsheena said...

You mentioned that you are healing your adrenals. What kind of changes have you made in your diet and/or lifestyle in order to get better?

I've been suffering from adrenal burnout for quite a long time now and it really sucks the life out of you. It's hard to work or even study when your brains get so foggy all of a sudden.

Oh, and are there any supplements that would be helpful in the process of getting better?