Getting strong with Eleiko friction plates

I'm home again after my travels. It's been a busy week as we are working hard on our new website and business development. I also have two posts about Biosig CE coming out, but I just want to give the finishing touch to the texts... if you want to read more about detoxification that I learned from Charles and also about benefits of muscle testing, stay tuned!

Great news is that Eleiko just opened a webshop a week ago - go check it out here:

Eleiko Webshop

All of their equipment, from friction plates to benches, cable stations and so on can be bought from For coaches and PT's one of the most important piece is a set of friction plates, in my opinion. They can be bought in a 10kg case containg small plates and you can use them as collars. I know many PICP coaches have bought them when taking courses at Eleiko and they praise them as much as Charles!

I also got Eleiko plates while in Sweden to take my strength to NEXT LEVEL when training at home. I don't have a gym but I care about my own progress and thought they might be beneficial. Earlier in the fall I bought two 0,25kg friction plates and two 0,5kg metal plates that I begun to carry around in my gym bag when I trained. Last week I added two 1kg and two 2kg friction to my plate collection... maybe that's the beginning of my own gym (or at least a more sturdy gym bag). In 20 years I'll look back and remember my first little plates and trips to Home of Strength, Eleiko ;)

After the Body Comp Intern, I've noticed that the small friction plates are really good. They work as collars, as they have a little rubber ring that will prevent the plates from slipping off. The normal collars weight 2,5kg so often they can't be used with females who aren't (yet) very strong. Also using the typical increments in weights (smallest plates we have in our gym are 1,25kg) won't let me advance in small enough steps to be able to add weight on every workout. I can't really add 2,5kg (2 x 1,25kg) to my pressing weights etc. every week - but I've been able to add add 0,5kg (2 x 0,25), then 1kg (2 x 0,5kg) and eventually 1,5kg (2 x 0,75kg) quite easily.

Every PICP coach knows that you should be stronger every workout - either be able to add weight or add reps which means you're progressing well. The price was very reasonable (like 10-20 euros per plate)... and it's an investment in my strength!

This week I've practiced olympic lifts on my own. With the friction plates I was able to test my strength on cleans. My best set so far was 5 x 41kg. Every rep "flipping the shirt" just like Jud Logan taught me ;) How FUN!

Eleiko has another webshop as well, for Eleiko clothes and accessories. I bought the Eleiko hoodie while in Halmstad and I gotta say it's wonderful for training in the winter. Our gym gets really cold and sometimes it's difficult to keep the sweat on. The more heat you generate during the workout, the more growth hormone will be released.

I'm feeling stronger than I've been in a long time. It was great to train almost every day during my trip, some days even twice. I've kept it up and it's been a good training week! I'm aiming for five gym sessions a week now, four of them consisting of big lifts and one of remedials, abs and calves. I'm very energized after spending time with such an inspiring group of people and great teachers plus training with like-minded coaches.

Below is the 0,25kg friction plate. As you can see, no need for collars when using them.

There's something authentic studying at Eleiko, as you can even see how the bars etc. are made. I peeked into the factory side of the building one night after the class and this is what I found - a guy working on the barbells, one by one. I'm looking forward to doing some more courses there next year :)


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