Rebirth of the Broccoli Princess

Yesterday I found out my blog is ranked on place 8 within the most popular Finnish health blogs. In honor of that, I decided to begin posting again! I guess there's some information here that people come to read despite my recent silence. It's been quite a winter. Maybe I'll tell about that later.

My Finnish blog can be found on my company's website, Optimal Performance. I will keep on writing this one in English as I just love the language. Weird, but sometimes it fits in my mouth better than Finnish. I'm happy to travel soon again so I can speak English with my fellow Biosignature colleagues. I'm recertifying my Biosignature license again in Stockholm, Sweden in the middle of April.

I'm still writing my book - less than one month until I need to send it to my publisher. I'm enthusiastic to learn how my readers will find it. It will be published in the fall. I sure hope I can write a book that I can recommend with joy, as right now there are basically no books that would explain the stuff in Finnish that I would like my clients and readers to learn. I also hope I can inspire others to find the reasons between their current state of health and their optimal health - whatever it means to them. Through my own struggles I've learned that health is not something we should take for granted. And health doesn't mean the same as "no medication". It's so much more.

Recently I've kind of fallen in love with raw plant foods. I think they're great as long as you add some extra protein ;) I've eaten loads of veggies for the longest time but now I've focused more and more on switching cooked veggies to raw. I can feel it in my energy levels - like today, it's Sunday and I got up at 6am without an alarm clock. I'm very interested in the physical, mental and emotional changes that the food we eat may bring. Food can act as a powerful vehicle to better health and opening up on the "energy level", so to say. 

Below are some photos of my recent meals. The first meal is a raw salad that I ate at a wonderful organic "smootila" Shasa - it's a smoothie & salad bar that sells only raw foods. This salad contains dark green lettuce, tomato, avocado, dulse, hemp seeds, brazilian nuts, almonds, sun dried tomatoes and omega oil. And maybe something else I can't remember :) I also had a glass of raw milk and a whole bottle's worth of spring water. These guys are really passionate about what they do. They go get the water they serve from a spring nearby. Quite a high standard for customer service!

This salad is one I made at home. The base is baby spinach and romaine lettuce. Cherry tomatoes, dry roasted almonds, walnuts, incan berries, goji berries, mulberries, avocado and coconut oil make great toppings. Yum! <3 I had a protein drink of organic whey with this one.