About my upcoming book

Many people on the course asked about my book. To make things more simple, here's a short preview of the book. The book will be published in Finnish. My dream is to publish it in English at some point. We'll see what happens. Below is the book's cover.

Kaisa Jaakkola: Hormone diet - individualized guide to spot reduction

Would you like your body to burn fat from the trouble spots, to speed up your metabolism, sleep better, look younger and more refreshed, gain strength and feel more energized? Hormonal balance is key to a better well-being!

Did you know that there's a reason for fat accumulation on different parts of the body?

Hormone Diet explains what your body's fat stores reveal about your hormonal balance and how you can change it for the better. The book includes easy to understand guidelines and scientific studies on the significance of hormonal balance in weight control. It is not a miracle diet, but a permanent lifestyle change.
The book teaches you...
-why love handles are the results of your dietary choices
-how weight training stimulates fat burning
-why sleep improves your carbohydrate tolerance
-how gut health and lower body fat deposits are linked to each other
-why stress derived umbilical fat may due to food intolerances

And much more!

Kaisa Jaakkola is the first Finnish BioSignature coach. Her special area of expertise is helping clients to burn fat through balancing their hormones naturally through nutrition, lifestyle and training. She has been trained in the U.S. and Europe for the BioSignature method, along with personal training and strength coach education, after working as an IT engineer. Her nutrition and hormone-related articles have been published in several journals. The BioSignature method reveals the body's hormonal balance through the stored fat in different parts of the body. It was developed by one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin.
So, there you go. The book will be published in August 2011. If you want to read it, you better start taking Finnish classes :)


Muffukka said...

Jeee! Tämä opus on kyllä hankintalistalla ykkösenä :)