Biosignature 1, Day 2, Stockholm

Another day of BioSig course is gone. A quick update on what's going on!

I really enjoy the new teaching method: 40 minutes of lecture and 5-15 minutes of break. This give the brain time to retain all the information much better than the previous way of having 2 hour lectures. Good job PSI! Plus, the dirty jokes make learning more fun ;) Charles' courses are not for the thin-skinned. I'm glad he's very nice to women though, but guys get to hear about calves of a parrot and other humorous sayings ;)

On day 2 we learned about these topics, amongst others... 

How the body never lies - this girl had suffered from chronic stress. Charles stimulated some trigger points on her legs to find out how the body is dealing with the stress - it hurt so bad the girl jumped on the table! After that Charles told her to chew one tablet of Holy Basil Supreme, an adaptogenic herb supplement that balances the body's stress response. He stimulated the trigger point and the pain was completely gone. You should have seen this girl's face :) I've seen the trick on many courses and used Holy Basil Supreme during stressful times successfully. I think it's one of the things that's keeping me sane now that my book deadline is only two weeks away.  

Brain nutrition - how you can supercharge your brain with CP's new products called Focused Response Px and Ultra Brain Force Px. This is a topic I'm very fond of - it's thrilling to see the benefits of good nutrition to my ability to focus. I haven't tried out the products yet but I'm a strong believer of the meat & nuts breakfast, which gives my body the building blocks for balanced neurotransmitter production.

Above is a photo from a magazine kiosk in Tampere, where three magazines that published my articles or cited my nutrition coaching were funnily set next to each other. I recently wrote an article about brain nutrition for MMA fighters for Finland's most sold sports magazine, Fightsport. At the same time one of Finland's biggest magazines for middle aged women begun publishing my three part series on hormones & spot reduction. Very glad for this - my goal is to become a full time writer eventually :)

Detox - and how cosmetics are putting HUGE pressure on the liver. An average man detoxifies about 500 chemicals daily. That's a big burden on the body. Wonder how many chemicals the caveman detoxified daily? Probably nothing compared to what our bodies deal with today. Above is a photo from my own "cosmetics detox" - I threw out all the bottles with very long ingredient lists and any parabens. Parabens wreak a havoc on the hormonal system. They can be found in most lotions, shampoos etc. Check safety of the brand you use from the free Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Continued on balancing insulin. Paleo food is the way to go. This was my dinner after the course - shrimp salad with acovado, egg and lemon juice sprinkled on top. My genetic carb tolerance is bad and I've made it even worse with bad stress management and gut problems in the past. Taking baby steps to make it better again. Lemon juice helps to control blood sugar :)

Spring has arrived to Stockholm! The city is BEAUTIFUL :)


blog said...

Great article of yesterdays course!
It was a great day and I'm looking forward to day 3.