Biosignature 1, Day 3, Stockholm

Third day is gone and we're approaching the end of the course. The material goes deeper and deeper, and the next two days will be the most interesting for sure. I've got some gems scribbled in my notebook already but I'm so hungry for more :)

Day 3 begun with John & Derek taking measurements of the course attendants. It's quite amazing how the profiles have changed in only these TWO years I've gone to BS courses. I'm quite fanatic about taking notes - I wrote down all the profiles from my first course I took in London (May 2009). That time the class was a mixture of insulin, cortisol and estrogen profiles. But today... so far we haven't seen a single person on this course whose profile wouldn't be estrogen. Last week CP and his team taught in UK and 77 out of 78 attendants had an estrogen profile. It's an epidemic, and we see this in Finland as well.

Femininization of the whole population of this Earth is VERY scary. All kinds of lotions and cosmetics with parabens (for example... go to a pharmacy and read the INCI list of some lotions - 99% of them have parabens - and they're sold in a PHARMACY which most people consider a trusted source of cosmetics), eating foods with high concentrations of pesticides, showering in and drinking estrogenic water, eating fish that have been exposed to synthetic estrogens in the waste water and so on.

Some of the most estrogenic lotions you can find in Finnish pharmacies - these contain FIVE different parabens... hello, breast cancer!

Guys are losing their fertility step by step if we keep going this... packing on fat like females... and females are hurting themselves as well. Why does this happen? Because of the toxicity and our attitudes - wanting everything the easy way and shrugging to the responsibility to take charge of our health. A diet of TV dinners and fizzy drink won't give the body the antioxidants it needs to detoxify harmful chemicals we breathe, eat and put on our skins daily, nor the building blocks we'd need to build a healthy body. Another important issue is gut health. In our client base I would say 70% have compromised gut health. Bad gut health leads to estrogens circulating in the body, doing more harm than good.

Estrogen is one of the most interesting subjects to me, of all that I've learned in BioSignature classes. I most likely have a very high risk of obtaining breast cancer, as nearly everyone from my mother's side has had that. Females on my mom's side of the family are curvy with wide hips, and pretty much all of us carry our fat mostly on the lower half of the body. For me, BioSig is not only finding the tools to get lean, but the tools to "change my fate" so to say. I will most likely have to stay on some form of estrogen supplement for the rest of my life? Although... it's been said on the course many times now that everyone of us should do that. The environmental burden of estrogens has become huge. According to Charles, it's been only five years since there was basically no such thing as breast cancer in males. Now it's getting more and more common. 

Charles also gave a lecture on how to use botanicals for insulin modulation. Insulinomics is a really interesting and great product for that and it should be always combined with another insulin balancing product, like Fenuplex, Glucose Disposal or Yin Hance. Here's a great article about how one of the products, Fenuplex works.

"Five hormones raise blood sugar, but only one lowers sugar: insulin. That is because we are designed to consume a natural diet – not the typical American diet that is disguised as food. One of the basic tenets of the Biosignature system is that modulating insulin will always improve your body composition scores, whether the problem is due to problems in androgen, estrogen or growth hormone."

Simply put: Insulinomics acts like the Fedex guy who rings your doorbell, and the other products play the role of the little delivery boy who drags your package in the house (=puts the glucose in the cell).

If the person has insulin resistance, which is also more and more common, he or she will have very hard time "letting the delivery boy in" - meaning that glucose can't enter the cells. It will rather be stored as fat. Fat cells will happily take all the packages possible in the condition of insulin resistance - actually 80-85% of the glucose that is circulating in the bloodstream (only 5% goes to the muscle cells). In an insulin sensitive person, this would be only 5% while 80-85% would go to the muscle cells. The rest goes to the liver. Soooo... if your score of the subscap is over 10, you might want to think of this the next time you're thinking of eating a carb rich meal :)

It is possible, of course, to improve insulin sensitivity through diet and training. The more muscle mass you have, the more insulin receptors you have and therefore the cells may be able to take in more glucose. According to Mark Houston, whom I had a chance to interview in New York last fall, one of the biggest reasons for insulin resistance is low muscle mass. Heavy weight training and a protein rich diet (with an effective digestion) is the way to go. Raisins and granola bars for snacks won't do it!

We spent quite a lot of time practicing caliper measurements. I'm glad to see that my consistency in measurements is pretty good, the number difference on most of the people I measured was mostly about 0,1 - 0,3mm per site. I have probably done a total of 2000 (or so) BioSig measurements to about 400-500 people. Some are clients who come in continuously and some have only come in for a demo measurement (I used to do those in gyms just to spread the word about the system - that's a good way to get new clients). Our company's girls (four BioSig practitioners) have measured nearly 1000 Finns so far - and we have 5 million people in the country... still some potential clientele there ;) If accuracy is reached after you've taken at least 4000 measurements, I'm still not quite there! Every course makes me better though as I always learn new tricks how to be more consistent.

Practice makes perfect, right? :)


Mart said...

Very interesting blog post!
I'm using the almost the same technique in the Netherlands and get some great results with my clients.

Keep up the good work!


Todd said...

Great job detailing your biosig experience! Enjoying every blog!

Todd said...

Enjoying the Biosig info! Can't wait for the next blog!

AnZu said...

The course have been absolutely great! As I say to you, I have to recommend this to my brother too, who is in medical shool now. And of course, every Finns who are interested in lifestyle coaching. :)

Mishoo said...

Hello Kaisa,

Great article!

I also read the interview on the poliquin website and I would like to stop by your company with my wife when I'm in the region.

If there is a chance to see you in the Joensuu region let me know. Would be great to visit a seminar where you teach, if there is any.

Best regards