Biosignature 1, Day 1, Stockholm

Hiyas! It's course time and this is the closest Biosig course for Finnish people so far. And how many of us are there? Pathetic two! That's me and Anu, a zesty young woman who was one of the first people I ever coached. C'mon people, I can't believe it! Charles is SO close to Finland now, where is everyone? What I hear the most at home is "I'm interested, when is he coming to Finland?" Charles mentioned today that Finns produce most hits on his website per capita. That's HUGE. It seems that the information he is sharing is something Finns are very hungry for. But since studying is free in Finland so many people don't want to pay a cent for education. I think that's limited thinking.

My husband Joni & I on the ferry boat - Joni came to Stockholm to meet Charles as well, even though he's not taking the course

 I know it's the same everywhere in the world - people wait for Charles to come to where they live. Don't wait! When you attend a course, you get to travel, widen your world view and see places. Learning in a new environment is good for you. It keeps your brain fresh when there are no disctractions from your "normal life" around. What we need now is a positive movement of TAKING CHARGE. Education is an investment and every cent will be paid back at least twice for what you've put into it.

My first Biosignature course was fully paid back in two days after I got home from the course. I had three clients signing up for a 12 week coaching program. And today, nearly two years after my first course, we just broke a record how the number of Biosignature clients going through our calipers in the past two weeks. Nearly TWO HUNDRED people were measured by our three Biosignature girls during these past two weeks in our two offices, Tampere and Helsinki. I'm so proud for our Biosignature coaches and also happy for our clients, who are getting excellent results. Two years ago I would have never believed I will be a business owner and an employer, who helps others achieve their dreams through facilitating them with a job they love. That's big and although I'm very hard on myself most of the time, this is something I'm truly proud and grateful for.

Anyhow, it's fun to be studying again. Charles has changed the structure of the course again so I'm enjoying myself very much. I love to see how the courses improve. This is my 3rd Biosignature 1 course and my 12th course with Charles. There are always new JEWELS of information. Today I learned very important stuff about androgens and got lots of tiny tidbits of facts about nutrition.

 Charles teaching what the relations between different sites may reveal about your health

On the first day Charles covered history of BioSignature method. We also went over bodyfat caliper measurement checklist, which was very helpful and I believe this will help new students learn all this stuff easier. This, and how Charles and his team teach the sites and measuring them, has improved by leaps and bounds since I last took BioSig in New York last fall. We begun learning how to take the measurements by measuring knee site, which is the easiest of all. After that Charles lectured about insulin site modification and the relationship between insulin and cortisol. These are the most important hormones any BS practitioner should learn to balance, as they can wreck pretty much everything in the body. If insulin is high, for example, it can affect every single hormone in the body. And we have 100% control over insulin through our diet (hmm, except for the fact that chronic high cortisol can elevate insulin as well - but that's another story).

So that's what happened on Day 1 - I'll be back later this week with more stories :) Have a energetic week, where every you are!