Behaviors that Biosig 1 class participants promised to change

In the end of Biosig 1 class each one of us had to make one promise: change one behavior on Monday. This is the list I collected at the course (sorry, I missed a couple - there were about 80 people on the class):

  1. be grateful to myself (my own... I want to learn to love myself)
  2. get food ready the day before
  3. work for the hour
  4. take time for myself
  5. raise my prices
  6. give less supplements
  7. read 1hr a day
  8. be ”not so nice” while training
  9. be more direct with clients
  10. estrogen protocol
  11. become an alpha female
  12. low carb diet
  13. start taking pictures
  14. tranquilo
  15. get more sleep
  16. stop doing cardio
  17. readjust working week
  18. zinc test with all clients
  19. bodyfat pinches every week on myself
  20. breakfast every morning and zinc tally for 5 days
  21. one protocol at a time
  22. plan for more education
  23. lower risk of cancer by lowering E load
  24. raise prices 25%
  25. fish oil
  26. change clients’ training
  27. paleo clubs
  28. insulin protocol
  29. interval cardio
  30. stop giving mobile number to clients
  31. rotate proteins to decrease risk of food intolerances
  32. more sensitive to my female clients
  33. stop using the same protocol for everyone
  34. find an integrative doctor to help out
  35. help mom get off of lipitor
  36. block out noise off of apartment
  37. put kids on fish oil
  38. grateful journal
  39. get clients buy training programs
  40. drink coffee only before training
  41. use lean legs (note: Charles' brand has this cream to burn fat on the legs)
  42. more time with kids
  43. sleep longer
  44. food intolerance test
  45. not apologize for prices
  46. not let clients control my schedule
  47. book a PIMST course
  48. meat and nuts breakfast
  49. not overwhelm clients
  50. HCL test on every client
  51. honor my time and value
  52. buy new calipers
  53. rotate kids breakfast
  54. learn to make cinnamon water
  55. learn more business strategies
  56. 14 days without carbs
  57. more sleep between 4-6
Lots of promises... wonder what would happen, if each one of us would begin a new habit each week of the year? Meaning that for the 52 weeks of the year we'd apply one habit at a time. Quite a life change, huh?


ylimuuli said...

What is cinnamon water? o_O

...I'm keeping a happiness diary :-) I guess that's about the same as the grateful journal!