Biosignature 1, NYC day 3

I'll continue in English as it seems my brain is switched on the English mode a little bit too well. I might as well keep writing this blog on this language... maybe keep on sharing what I learn and somebody else can find it useful too :)

Soooo... it's day three and today we covered the female hormone sites (which used to be called estrogen sites) and begun talking about cortisol as well. The course has changed a lot since 2009 and everything seems to be just much more simple this time. The first time around, we got numerous different protocols for estrogen which was quite confusing. This time Charles went over the different possible estrogen problems and how to pinpoint which the client might be causing their fat accumulation.

By yesterday's posts comment, somebody (anonymous, what a surprise) called me bold for writing a book about Biosignature with such a small knowledge base. Sorry, whoever you are, but I take that as a compliment :) I *am* bold doing that - but I'm not trying to tell anyone I came up with the system. Journalists write books all the time by doing extensive research on different subjects. I believe in sharing knowledge and making mistakes as well.

Explaining laymen how insulin works or why eating a high carb diet will make their love handles expand doesn't require a biochemistry degree. I'm not saying I'm an expert. I'm only a messenger who wants to help others. If someone feels I "peed in their morning cereal" (that's how we'd say it in Finnish), too bad. What's the point of collecting information and keeping it to yourself? As soon as you learn, go share it. In my belief system that's the only way to bring more questions to the surface and deepen the knowledge. I ask a million stupid questions on the course. Why? Because I want to learn - when I don't understand something or when I'm curious to learn more, I ask. Or just buy more books from Amazon ;)

Ok back to the topic - just had to get that out of my system. I can see how differently Charles teaches the course versus last year. I think he has improved heaps as a teacher. He teaches a lot through metaphors and using stories. I think after today nobody in the class can say they don't remember how many grams (80 grams!!) of glutamine should be used with the 5 day quick gut healing protocol ;) Some lessons are just a funny stand up comedy show... BUT he has a point, and people remember lessons by having a good time and laughing. I think many come back to the courses because the body and the brain make associations to good feelings and high endorphins during the classes. Charles has a way of making difficult things easy. Like today...

I've asked Charles many questions about how he explains this and that to his clients. Today I asked him about testosterone converting into estrogen - aromatization, which is shown by fat accumulation on the pec, one of the female hormone sites. I see this a lot on my male clients. The main reason for this is inadequate zinc level in the body - which is often one of the results of low stomach acid level. Zinc requires sufficient stomach acid to be absorbed from any food or supplement. Fat tissue in the belly also excretes aromatase enzyme so having lots of fat increases aromatization.

But, to make it simple, how does aromatization happen? His explanation was this: you want to build a building (testosterone) on Manhattan. When the truck brings the bricks (raw materials for T) to the construction site, Tony Soprano's mob guy (aromatase enzyme) appears on the site and steals the blocks and takes them to New Jersey to build his own building (estrogen). So... how do you eliminate the bad guy? Hire someone to shoot him in the head (zinc) ;) Zinc is a strong aromatase inhibitor. BUT like I wrote before, there's no point using a zinc supplement if you don't know your HCl level.

Today we measured subscap, midax, suprailiac and umbil sites. Charles looked at my technique and corrected a couple of things, which made a nice improvement in the accuracy of my measurements. I hold Charles' accuracy as "the goal" meaning I don't think I am good until I'm very close to the numbers he's getting. You need to do over 4000 measurements to be accurate. To be honest, some of the sites are still very difficult to measure on some people. I have measured over 300 different people during the past year and a half, many of them numerous times - some once, some twenty times. I don't know how many measurements that is but it's still too little to say I'm accurate. It's great to have the assistants and Charles look at my technique, as nobody has corrected me since I did my first course. I was happy to learn I'm not so far off. Biggest problem seems to be lack of grip strength which is a common problem with female Biosig practitioners. I think having those people look at myself measuring is one of the best things I can do on the course. Some people just sit around and talk, some measure but don't bother to ask anyone check what they're doing. I believe the best way to learn hands-on skills like this is to show someone else what I do and have them correct me. I expect to still be a total amateur so I'm really grateful for every little piece of advise I get.

Talking to Dr Houston today also cleared up some confusion I've had about my own body. I know for a fact that I lead a way healthier lifestyle than many of my clients but still my body doesn't represent it. Lack of hard enough training is one part of it (I'm not in denial and I *do* know what training like an athlete is like ;)) but like Charles has mentioned many times, you should be able to get lean even without training, when the body is functioning optimally. Dr Houston talked to me on some of the breaks as we begun a conversation over eating or not eating carbs. To make a long story short, he mentioned he'd suspect a thyroid dysfunction due to high cortisol levels. When that happens, T4 and T3 might be completely normal but RT3 can be high. Nobody ever said that before... he recommended me to go check RT3 levels and see if that would show anything abnormal. He's such a nice man and seems like a very knowledgeable doctor with an integrative way of looking at things.

Again, I will probably get this checked. But at the same time I realize that most likely I would get good results by cutting the work/housework hours that I don't enjoy (note to self: get someone clean the house) and focusing more on things that I love (like writing my blog, doing yoga, spending time with my husband), focusing more on my own health (instead of my clients') and getting one of the PICP & Biosig coaches kick me in the ass with steel toe boots ;) (works quite good for most people). Though it's clear that having a well performing body in the first place would help a ton.

Below: a private mini class with Dr Houston about thyroid function :)

I don't know what it is about these courses but I've met some most good-hearted people on these courses. Just beautiful people with loving hearts.


Karoliina said...

hyvä kaisa! anna karavaanin kulkea vaikka koirat haukkuu. odottelen innolla kirjoittamaasi kirjaa ja vaikka aluksi olin kovin, kovin skeptinen ja myhäilevä liittyen biosiguun, niin mitä enemmän uteliaisuuteni (ja ehkä alussa pienen pahantahtoisuuteni)takia sinun, ja emman blogeja seuraan ja saan informaatiota, sitä järkevämmältä ja vakuuttavammalta kaikki alkaa tuntua.

vähänkö mahtaaa, että suomessa on tämän tason tietoa jo nyt!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing in english again :)
I have one question on my mind about RT3... If the test shows that you have high RT3 levels, what did dr. Houston recommended you to do? What are the tools he would use on person with that sort of thyroid problems?
As I'm struggling with thyroid problems my self, I'm curios to know how a BS expert would help me...

ylimuuli said...

Get a cleaner!! Can't but warmly recommend. Ever since we moved in together with my bf we've had a cleaning lady coming once a fortnight and that has been LUXURIOUS not to mention the endless quarrels it's saved us from. Thee number one invest is to hire a cleaner if there ANYTHING you rather do than clean up. And boy there IS :-) You have a book to write!

Way to go, thanks again.

Brian Ellicott said...

Thanks for sharing Kaisa, interesting stuff!

I'm booked onto the biosig course in February in London, so I'm trying to get as much studying as possible in before then!