Biosignature NYC, day 2

Today I'll post in English as I'm sure many of my PICP and Biosignature friends abroad want to know what gems Charles is letting out this time on the course.

So I'm taking my second Biosig 1 in New York City right now. This is my 8th Poliquin course in the past 18 months. And I live in Finland - I have travelled hundreds and thousands of kilometres to learn more from Charles. So far I've been one of the few Finnish people who have gone the distance to participate in his courses, and the so far the only one to build a new career on what I've learned from him. Having a background in engineering (I got a master's degree in information and knowledge management), doing what I've done the past 1,5 years with Charles' systems has been a major life change for me. Working as an IT engineer was not my heart's passion. By doing figure shows and having the basic fitness bunny problems (gaining 30 pounds in the two months after the show) turned my life into the direction I'm following now. I first learned about Charles' education from Krista Schaus, who I'm grateful for as she's been an important mentor to me. I begun reading Charles' site and was jus fascinated about the broad knowledge base he has. I took my first Biosignature course in May 2009. Every course has just made it more clear that I will probably never get tired of learning from him. There's always something new and now that the knowledge builds on top of what I've learned before, every time I go back home feeling more condifent on how to help my clients. AND knowing I've got soooooo much more to learn too! You can't master something like Biosignature in... well, a long time.

Now somebody reading this thinks: she must be really wealthy. She must have her parents paying for the course. She must be a relative to Fairy Goodmother.... NO! If you knew what I've done to go to these courses, you wouldn't think so. I've stayed in the worst hostels you can imagine just to be able to pay the price of the course. I've taken a loan - thinking it's an investment in my future, and knowing I can soon pay it as I just need the education first. I've even stayed with a family through which means that you can live with someone, staying at their place for free, hopefully teaching them something about your own country and culture. So last summer I stayed at a commune with 12 other couchsurfers in Brooklyn. Quite an experience for someone as tidy as me :O Then last November while I was in Rhode Island, I stayed with a wondeful, open-hearted American family for three weeks. I slept on their very uncomfortable couch and woke up to two little girls playing with anything from my glasses (yes they destroyed them) to kettles as drums at 6am in the morning. Talk about having a relaxing trip abroad! ;) I know many people wouldn't do this... but please ask yourself - how dear is your dream to you? Like Charles always says - there's no discipline, and you should feel no guilt over anything. You just choose what you love the most and for me it has been learning.

Anyhow - I'm currently writing a book about the concept of the connection of fat accumulation and hormones in Finnish. It will be out next year and I've got an excellent publisher for the book. I will be interviewing Charles for the book, as I need to learn more about the scientific side of why fat accumulates on these certain spots due to hormonal changes in the body, and of course talk more about the means of balancing everything out. This week I was so happy to hear the head of the Hypertension Institute, Mark Houston, is also teaching on the course - as well as Mark Schauss, who seems to be "the guru" of teaching about toxicity and how it affects the body. Dr Houston promised me a short interview and I'm hoping I get to talk to Dr Schauss as well. It would be great to have a couple of passages of those topics and their interviews on the book.

Yesterday we begun the course with talking about how Charles got started with Biosignature and then proceeded to learning how to measure the first two sites (chin and cheek) and what the initial steps of doing a Biosignature consult are. If you're a fellow practitioner and DON'T use the HCl test, please begin using it! It could be YOU who's giving us other practitioners a bad name by not getting results due to not fixing the most common and simplest thing in how the body works... and how your client can burn fat efficiently. Having enough stomach acid is the most important thing, because it will affect everything. Want to sleep better? Want to be more anabolic? Want to burn fat faster? Want to build nutrient reserves? Want to fix stomach problems and cut the daily trumpet concerts? Fix the stomach before trying anything else.

I think it's important that Charles goes over the topic of educating clients on healthy and natural nutrition on the first days, so everybody's got it straight: no counting calories, no weighing food. It's not normal to eat that way. Naturally lean people don't need scales to know if they've had enough protein or not. By what I've learned from Charles, appetite will regulate itself when you give the body a chance to rebuild itself. You might get periods when you eat a lot of certain foods and crave things like butter, but those will pass. Give the body what it seems to need and trust its wisdom. The mind creates stress about the most stupid things like whether you ate 9 or 11 almonds or if the chicken breast had 20 or 25 grams of protein. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Calories might be a part of the big picture, but according to Charles it's way more important to balance the hormones by eating the right kind of foods. Eating loads of clean foods will ramp up the thyroid - which will burn more energy at rest. And not obsessing about the grams will lower cortisol, which will help with fat burning.

Later the day we proceeded to learning about helping a client with an insulin profile, which means storing fat in the upper back and on the sides of the waist. Hello, muffintop! That would be part of my problems with my body. I used to eat boatloads of sugar, bread and carbs in the past. I still love them but have learned to live my (mostly) paleo life with some occasions when I indulge. Though it seems my case is a little more complicated as I seem to have some liver problems, but I won't go into details on this post. The first time I got into a insulin program it worked like a dream. Very high fish oil dosage, training hypertrophy style in the gym, switched to red meat breakfast, begun using a rotation of 4 days clean paleo and 1 day with a high carb free meal and so on... worked like a charm - I lost 5kg in a matter of weeks. And I see the same on my clients all the time. When they do what I ask that is ;)

Today we continued on insulin protocols and using the botanicals to aid with restoring insulin sensitivity. Charles also covered a host of topics that the course attendees asked about, everything from heavy metal toxicity to food intolerances, from Parkinson disease to ADD in kids. It's actually quite amazing how one person can have such a vast knowledge of so many different systems: coaching strength training for Olympic athletes, helping sick children, teaching students about how to re-educate laypeson on healthy nutrition the way they can really grasp the obvious and apply it to their daily life, Chinese medicine, hundreds of different herbs, how to build and run a business, how to do stand up comedy show on important topics so the people actually retain information and whatever other topics might come in mind. Even though he often goes off to speak about something completely unimportant and the detour might take half an hour, the days are still super interesting... and when the course comes near to its end, I find myself surfing on his site looking up the next ones I want to go to. Learning is one of the best things in life and I will never get tired of it. I think it's important to pick good sources and not settle for less.

Tomorrow we'll learn more about cortisol and how to help stressed out clients. It's gonna be one of the most important days for me, as becoming an entrepreneur has been quite a journey. I've gone from a person living an athlete's lifestyle to someone prioritizing the business, and I don't like the change - it's affecting my own health. I guess it has been necessary at this point but I know there's room for improvement, as always!

By following Charles' advise I've taken my business from making couple hundred euros per month to a point where my husband also quit his job in engineering and joined me, as I couldn't handle it alone anymore. Now we have sent three more people to Charles' courses and they will begin working for us when I go back home in the beginning of October. I truly hope more people would follow the same path... all of us will and do have enough clients to help. Look around, I think every one of us can be a part of a good change in our communities! :)


Anonymous said...

so you gonna write a book about the connection of fat accumulation and hormones...
based on your "scientific" background as an engineer and what you have done with charles for the last 1,5 years.
wow! thats bold! XD
Markus, PhD in Biochemistry and doing research for the last 10 years... hahaha, good luck fitness bunny! hahaha

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Kuinka olisi mahdollista parantaa vatsahappojen vahvuutta? Jollain suplementaatiolla?


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