Poliquin Body Composition Internship sample workouts

Okay, so Charles is killing us in the gym twice a day here in Halmstad. I asked a permission to post some of the workouts on my blog so here we go. Sorry for the weird explanations but my English skills and tired brain can't do any better this time ;)

PLEASE have your BCAA's, PWO shake etc. in the gym with you if you try these at home :)

DAY 1: 6-12-25 for biceps and triceps, morning workout

A1. BB bicep curl with bar hanging from straps (turn from neutral grip to supinated on top), 3 x 6 with 4010 tempo
A2. Incline offset curl with db's (turn from neutral grip to supinated on top), 3 x 12, 3010 tempo
A3. Cable curls with separate handle coming from each side, arms extended behind the body (take a big step away from the machine, keep elbows steady and close to the body), 3 x 25, 2010 tempo
REST: 2 minutes between rounds

B1. Narrow bench press (2 second pause on the bottom), 3 x 6, 4020 tempo
B2. DB bench press with a stretch on the bottom, neutral down and pronated at the top, 3 x 12, 3010 tempo
B3. Pushdown (stand close to the machine, do full range with "no daylight between forearm & bicep on top"), 3 x 25, 2010 tempo

This kind of workout uses a combination of heavy and light weights which means that different threshold motor units will be recruited. It exhausts all muscle fibers of that particular muscle: first exercise hits the short head of the muscle, second hits the medial and long head and the third will finish any motor units left. It's very short and intensive, only 25-30 minutes. By the third round you should be 20% weaker - you need to lower the weights, not the rep amount.

Later that day we did a different kind of workout for arms: 6 x 6 and a dropset of 25 reps to increase growth hormone production. Charles taught us that GH is an anticatabolic hormone which will lock the gains. The more lactic acid you produce during a workout, the more acidic your pH becomes and the more GH you will produce. It will help fatburning greatly and make you grow muscle mass at the same time. Who wouldn't want that? 20-30 minutes of pain is nothing compared to the possible results ;) This kind of workouts will definitely expand your mind too, not just your muscle size!

I'm absolutely fascinated about the way how Charles teaches us training / Biosignature stuff. First we do the thing and then we learn BY THINKING why that particular stuff works. He's very good at asking questions that make your brain do cartwheels and try to connect all the dots of what you've learned during the past courses. I find myself often not being able to answer the simplest questions about training :D But it's okay - I'm here to learn and not boost my ego.

The energy within the group is awesome. Everyone is encouraging towards others and none are left behind. I've found this happen on every course as the days go by. Poliquin's students - especially the ones who come back for more than just one course - are very dedicated and goodhearted people.

The second day we did LEGS. Holy I-Can't-Even-Say-What. Having had awfully painful lower back for such a long time, my leg strength is just pathetic. I had to do some of the exercises with just bodyweight, but that's okay. Pushing GH production is the most important thing this week, I think. Next week I will be stronger already. You should be able to add 2% more weight or do one rep more on every exercise the next time you do the same workout. Otherwise you're something wrong: eating too little or wrong, sleeping too little or bad quality sleep, or just not pushing yourself enough.

Here's how we did quads yesterday evening. If you do this with dedication, get ready for the bucket!

DAY 2: Milos Sarcev style fatburning training - evening workout ("a warmup" of the real Milos routine, which consists of 10 different exercises and NO REST)

A1. Front squat 5 x 6
A2. Back squat 5 x 12
A3. DB step up 5 x 12 per leg
A4. DB drop lunge 5 x 12 per leg
A5. DB Russian step up (high step, bring the knee to the chest) 5 x 12
REST: none between the sets, 2 minutes between the rounds

The morning workout was similar style, all exercises for posterior chain. The rep range was different, with most being 20 reps per set. Talk about having your lower back on fire. Today everyone's walking like they pooped in their pants. I know Charles is having a good laugh about it...

DAY 3: Energy systems training using resistance ("how to get a fat athlete, like a shotputter, burn fat while getting explosive")

First 30 minutes - no rest in between sets
A1. Bench press, 2 reps with 6RM weight, 40X0 tempo
A2. Neutral grip pull up, 2 reps with 6RM weight with 4010 tempo, OR 5 second negative if you can't do pull ups

Next 15 minutes - no rest in between sets
B1. Incline DB bench press, 8 reps, 3010 tempo (not 100% sure about the tempos of these)
B2. DB bent-over row, 8 reps, 3010 tempo

Next 15 minutes - no rest in between sets
C1. Cable chest press, neutral grip, 20 reps, 20x0 tempo
C2. Seated row, 20 reps, 20X0 tempo

Fall on the floor & die!


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what did the rest of the week look like?

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